WEBSITE MAKEOVER: How I Maximized Value on a Shoestring Budget

Updated: Nov 18

When you work with Drawing Board Studios, it’s always about the personal experience.

My client Patricia Price and I started meeting over Starbucks this summer to discuss how I could expand and improve her marketing efforts for her company, Patricia’s Arts and Music.

Patricia started her company to provide music and acting classes to families in the Summit, New Jersey area. However, after speaking with Patricia, I learned her classes are far from typical and so much more than meet the eye. Patricia uses music and acting as a creative platform for children to connect to the world around them. Through musical and theatrical expression, Patricia’s students learn to think critically and compassionately in a nurturing environment and celebrate their unique imagination and personality!

One of the primary projects Patricia needed help with was her website. Her existing website which she set up herself, wasn’t cutting it. So together Patricia and I sketched out a path for her new website — to re-define her brand more closely with her mission, and to create a more user-friendly experience for her customers.


1. BETTER BRANDED HOMEPAGE: A home page should clearly define who you are, what you offer, and the unique value you bring to your customers.

What We Did....

  • Placed Patricia’s company name and tagline in a prominent header so it’s visible immediately

  • Added a slideshow showing Patricia's students in various classes next to her mission statement in a large clear font

  • Used a consistent pastel color theme, whimsical organic shapes, loads of white open space, and a simple easy-to-read font to underscore Patricia’s creative and playful brand personality

2. BETTER USER EXPERIENCE: A good user experience includes an easy-to-understand interface, intuitive navigation, clear messaging and comprehensive content which ultimately helps build trust and credibility in a brand.

Patricia offers two types of classes: Little Movers and Shakers (music for younger children), and The Little Actors Studio (acting for school-age children.)

What We Did....

  • Prioritized the information from Patricia's existing website and re-wrote class descriptions to include just the most important details

  • Put all essential sign up information in one central place using a bolder font (price, age, time, place) that directly follows class descriptions

  • Used distinct colors to represent the two different classes

  • Added a Call to Action button for easy and direct online sign-up

3. MORE MULTI MEDIA AND VISUAL CONTENT: People are naturally hard-wired for visual communication so using striking visuals in your website design is an effective strategy for reaching your customers and optimizing your site.

What We Did....

  • Embedded a video of Patricia singing her signature HELLO song on her ABOUT page.

  • Added a second video of parent testimonials (a marketing gold mine) on Patricia's TESTIMONIAL page.

  • Added more high-resolution photos of engaged students singing, dancing and acting throughout Patricia's website

4. BETTER CONTACT INFORMATION AND UPDATES: According to, "It is a good practice to include contact information in every page of the website in the footer or side bar... which helps the visitors to find it more easily."

What We Did...

  • Designed a FOOTER in a bold navy blue color block appearing on every page so customers don’t have to search for contact information

  • Added a silhouette of a young student playing maracas for more visual interest

  • Included multiple ways of contacting to Patricia i.e. email, phone, form, etc

  • Added a new section "A NOTE FROM PATRICIA" a spot for viewers to read about updates and new class information

  • Made Patricia's website mobile-friendly with keywords, and SEO

Ultimately, my aim was to create a useful and attractive website for Patricia that better represented her unique service and created a better user experience for her customers.

Today, even the smallest businesses like Patricia's Arts and Music need a smart, functional website to stay competitive. Word of mouth just isn’t enough. A website, even a simple, affordable one, is a key marketing tool for personalizing your brand, sharing information, staying connected with your customers and finding new ones!

If you’re a small business and contemplating your first website — or updating an existing one — reach out to me at 908-868-0862. I too am a small business and my goal is to bring out the best in my clients through honest, actionable and creative marketing content.

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Thoughts on my blog? I would love to hear from you in the comment section. Was this helpful and or a colossal waste of 3 minutes?


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