• Debbie Farley

Is Your Social Media ONE BIG HOT MESS?

As a small business owner,  your social media may not be a priority,  HOWEVER, without a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, you may be losing out to the competition! Don’t let this happen! Follow our Three-Step Guide:

Set-up and Organization  Start with optimizing your business profile on each platform making sure your descriptions, links, images, and bios are as complete and accurate as possible. Then develop an outline of what, when, and where to post. Lastly, set up a monthly posting calendar to keep your posts regular and purposeful.

Creativity & Content  Bring out your brand’s singular voice through fresh, engaging feeds that speak directly to your customers.  Use eye-catching on-brand imagery and pair it with well-written descriptions. Also, think about  curating content from other sources that relate to your brand.

Evaluation and Analytics  Review variables like Reach, Engagement Likes, and Demographics to get a pulse on which posts are resonating with your customers and which ones are not.   Which time of the day performs the best?  Which day of the week?  Also, compare your page with your competition.  Make notes and adjust your content based on your findings.

Need our help?  We specialize in developing solid social media plans for small businesses like you.  Hire us for a one-off project or let us oversee your complete social media process. Give us a try...  Email or call at 908-868-0862 to get started.  Ask for Debbie. Visit us online 

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