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My FAVORITE 5 Marketing Tips for Small Business!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

My name is Debbie Farley, owner and founder of Drawing Board Studios in New Providence, NJ. Over the past few years, I’ve accumulated useful tidbits of a marketing advice and valuable resources that I wish someone would have given me.

Allow me to share my favorite tips with you — hoping my little pearls of wisdom will help drive sales, grow your small business, and bring you one step closer to your goals!

#1 Get a Google My Business Account

#2 Optimize Your Contact Information

#3 Use High Quality Photos

#4 Join Facebook Groups

#5 Ask Your Satisfied Customers to Spread the Word.

If your business would benefit from the help of a marketing professional, contact I offer technical expertise, up-to-date knowledge of marketing trends, and actionable, honest and creative marketing.

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