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Why You Should OUTSOURCE Your Marketing!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Face it, business owners! Doing it all yourself is limiting your growth and here's why...

Take your marketing. Perhaps you handle it yourself. Makes sense, right? Marketing is intuitive and straightforward. Posting on social media or updating your website isn't too difficult. Besides, you're saving a bundle by not paying a freelancer to do the work.

Over time, this DIY approach may not serve you as well as you might think. I've researched the benefits of outsourcing marketing services for small businesses and here are five reasons to consider.


The digital landscape is constantly changing, Keeping up with the most recent best practices, platform guidelines, and algorithms can be overwhelming, especially for someone running a small business. You could miss out on new features or trends that may help you advance your marketing efforts and... not even know it!

For example, did you know that Instagram recently added a new feature in 2022 where anyone can share a link in Instagram Stories? This is a significant change as prior to this update, only verified Instagram accounts could share live links. Now on Instagram you can provide your customers with direct connections to your website or online shop!



Unless your small business is a creative agency, you probably have little training in graphic design, copywriting or marketing. A marketing professional can take your content up a notch with invaluable resources and technical skills, adding upgrades like animation, special filters, and engaging keyword-loaded copy.

In today's world, when capturing your customers' attention is so elusive, a digital guru can be your best bet! Besides, someone on the outside can provide needed objectivity, creativity, and fresh new life to your projects!


"Not every small business has the bandwidth to handle the day-to-day operations of a business, plus the marketing, so hiring a sales and marketing outsourcing company is a good solution." – the Blueprint


Every day brings new challenges for small business owners like responding to unhappy customers, balancing budgets, motivating staff, and managing inventory.... Do you really need to add more to your headache plate with a whopping dose of error messages like "PAGE NOT FOUND" or "SOMETHING WENT WRONG"?

A marketing professional familiar with the digital space can handle these are issues with ease. Hand over the marketing problems and avoid hours of unnecessary aggravation! BUH-BYE BAD DAY!



As a small business owner, you handle your own marketing when and if time allows which probably means not on a regular schedule or with a consistent aesthetic. A marketing professional knows the importance of consistency within a marketing strategy.

A consistent marketing message, even for a small business, helps your customers identify with your business and build trust! A marketing professional can create and implement a fluid marketing strategy from the fonts, color scheme and imagery to the tone of written material across all platforms and marketing materials.



Working with a freelancer or marketing contractor doesn't have to break the bank. You can choose whether to hire someone for a onetime project or for particular services without having to commit long-term! No onboarding, no health benefits to be paid out.

Outsourcing is also a good way to try someone out, see if he/she gels with your team and company culture. Besides, if you're still concerned about budget, you can always ask to negotiate the terms of a project and see if your freelancer will meet you halfway.


Focus on the value a contractor's expertise adds to your company. Whether through expanding production, marketing your company more extensively, or disrupting the way your industry does business, outsourcing can provide an opportunity for you to innovate, grow, and rise above the competition. ---

Deborah Farley, Owner of Drawing Board Studios

At Drawing Board, my goal is to bring out the best in your business through honest, actionable, and creative content, ultimately growing your business by building trust and developing positive relationships with your customers.

Consider working with

  • Content and Copy Writing

  • Newsletters and Blogs

  • Customer Communications

  • Social Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Branding Strategy

Time to check a box off your "TO DO" List.

Contact me at: 908-868-0862

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